PCI is short for Peripheral Component Interconnect, a local bus standard developed by Intel Corporation. Most modern PCs include a PCI bus in addition to a more general ISA expansion bus. PCI is also used on newer versions of the Macintosh computer.

PCI is a 64-bit bus, though it is usually implemented as a 32-bit bus. It can run at clock speeds of 33 or 66 MHz. At 32 bits and 33 MHz, it yields a throughput rate of 133 MBps.

Although it was developed by Intel, PCI is not tied to any particular family of microprocessors.

With PCISA the PCI and the ISA bus are combined in one edge connector. Most cards have just a half size AT form factor, making them ideal for small systems with the high performance PCI bus. PCISA cards are designed for high performance applications.

General specifications

  • large selection of cards
  • well-known manufacturers
  • PC compatible
  • suited for single board solutions
  • newest technology
  • complete functionality
  • suited for harsh environments
  • easy service and upgrade
  • small system designs